5-Pack Ultra Oxy Pot 12.5 Gallon Super Air-Pruning Planter (5 Pots)



Premium air-pruning planter/container for soil or soilless medium.

Ultra Oxy Pots have taken soil aeration to the max. Utilizing the air-pruning method, the revolutionary Ultra Oxy Pot produces robust, non-binding root systems that are impossible to cultivate with any other type of container.
The egg-carton-like contours of the Ultra Oxy Pot may look unusual, but this unique feature is actually the key to enhancing the air-pruning technique. The concave or inward pointing cones direct roots into the convex cones which are open at the tips. When the root reaches the opening and is exposed to air, the apical cells at the very tip of the root dehydrate or become air-pruned. Plants respond to air-pruning by generating more roots in the inner root mass to compensate for the loss, which quickly leads to the development of a dense radial root system that will produce healthier, higher yielding plants. Better roots mean bigger fruits!

Ultra Oxy Pots are constructed of durable recycled  HDPE, and can be reused for many grow cycles. Unique design also reduces transplanting shock and improves success!

  • Unique design stimulates robust root zone development for healthier plants, faster growth, and bigger yields
  • Durable recycled HDPE construction, can be used over and over
  • Primes plants for effortless transplanting and reduces the risk of transplant shock
  • Pot dimensions (max): 16.5″ diameter x 16″ high ; minor assembly required